Seasonal Blend


Our rolling  seasonal  blend, this represents the style of coffee we’re enjoying drinking throughout the  year. Packed with the finest green coffee’s we can source, this blend is guaranteed to always be a memorable experience.

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Quality Roasting

From Q Grader certified Quality Control to proprietary roasting methods developed by world leading experts, you can guarantee fuller development of coffee roasts and consistent flavour profiles across all of our blends.

Genuine Support

Creating and nurturing long-standing relationships is at the very heart of what we do, so you know that when you partner with us, it’s for the long haul. As our partner, we will work with you to develop your offering and build a coffee program that aims to increase profitability by building your customer base and keep your regulars coming back (and their friends too.)

Value Alignment

We believe that quality and community go hand-in-hand in building a strong outcome. Our personable, customer-focused approach is what helps us to stand out from other coffee roasters.

We Champion You

Our team is your team too. We have State Champion Baristas at the ready to help train your coffee staff, along with Q Certified Cuppers carefully selecting the finest single origin beans from passionate coffee farmers around the world. Also, our roasters undergo regular training with world-renowned experts to ensure we get the best flavours possible out of the beans so we can deliver a final product that we’re proud of, and that you’ll love. Like you, we’re cafe owners ourselves and understand the hard work and sacrifice that goes in to the day-to-day operation of running a successful business. We’re keen to share our passion and knowledge of the industry to help you take your business to new heights.

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1kg, 250g

Seasonal Blend

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