Tips to Sell More Coffee

This hack is so simple for cafe owners while guaranteeing your delicious coffee gets into the hands of a caffeine depraved soul near your cafe.

Finding tips to sell more coffee that don’t make your brand seem cheesy can be hard. That’s what makes this super simple morning hack so great. It requires almost no more extra effort than you’re currently doing and best of all, offers your prospective customer a very authentic and genuine experience of what you are.

Morning Hack to Sell More Coffee

Here’s the scene..

  • You’re in you cafe, making coffee and the next customer walks in to order theirs.
  • You take their order as per usual. Let’s, in this scenario, assume it’s a latte with two sugars.
  • You make their coffee and at the same time, make an EXTRA flat white, the same size as their coffee.
  • You hand them their latte with two sugars AND the flat white, explaining you “accidently made an extra flat what. Do you know anyone back in the office that would drink it?”
  • The customer takes both “Oh thanks, haha! Yeah I’m sure I’ll find someone who will”
  • ??
  • The colleague who your customer gave that flat white to absolutely loved it and comes in later in the week to tell you the funny story.
  • Repeat this as often as you feel like

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September 21, 2023