The 3 Best Single Origin Coffees to Try When You’re Starting Out With Coffee

The 3 Best Single Origin Coffees to Try When You’re Starting Out With Coffee

Brazil – Natural Processed

Coffee’s from Brazil typically taste like “coffee”. Being used often as the base for a lot of blends, single origin Brazil’s are often familiar and not too out of field. Later though, we’ll have fun completely breaking this rule. They’ll go well enough if you’re adding a splash of oat milk, and will be a great starting point to develop a flavour memory bank. Think of them like a safe departure from the familiar and into the realm of wild and funky coffees.


Ethiopian – Washed

Ethiopian coffees can be so deliciously tea like. That’s because climate, region and processing methods all combine to create a delicately nuanced cup with light or mellow body. For those of you who are used to drinking heavy cups of coffee, fully washed Ethiopians will give you an entirely new expression of what coffee can be. This is expanded upon even further with Natural or dry processed Ethiopians.


Kenya – Washed

Here you’ll experience what a high acid coffee brings. Kenyan’s typically draw up a heap of phosphoric acid from the soil which presents as anything from cola or black currant through to a cabernet like acidity. And while poorly roasted Kenyan’s can come across sharp, properly developed Kenyan coffee will be bright, snappy and filled with life.


We’re just getting started here, and these are all wildly sweeping generalisations so don’t be surprised if you try a single origin and it tastes nothing like what you were expecting. That’s kind of the whole point 😉

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The 2 Most Common Questions New Cafe Owners Forget to Ask Their Coffee Supplier

The 2 Most Common Questions New Cafe Owners Forget to Ask Their Coffee Supplier

Opening Adelaide’s Best New Cafe?

We get it; you’re busy juggling a million ever-changing lists, tight deadlines, hiring new staff, legals, financial forecasts and so many unforeseen headaches. It’s easy to forget to ask these two simple questions.

How you can help support my business as we open?

Good quality roasters want to see your business succeed. It’s in their best interests if you have every opportunity to grow to be a thriving cafe serving really great coffee and huge amounts of it.

They generally have a network of baristas around them that they can speak to to help you find your next star barista. They can usually offer training and support to make sure your coffee program is not only delicious, but also streamlined and efficient. They’ve likely supplied a whole cohort of other busy cafes and can offer you some pointers and examples of things that have worked for them. They might be able to point you to other suppliers that compliment their offering and save you money.

In short, they live and breath coffee and have a vested interest in watching you succeed.

Red Flags:

  • Only wanting to talk about how much coffee you’re ordering
  • Not asking any questions about your business and your goals
  • Giving advise that when you think about it, serves them far more than it serves you

How many days “off the roast” does your coffee taste best?

While there’s no hard and fast rule to answer this, any decent coffee roaster should know how their coffee is going to taste at a particular number of days after it’s been roasted, and there will always be a sweet spot. For some coffees that sweet spot might be something like “day 8 is heaven” or maybe more of a range like “any time between 4-15 days”.

With Hardy’s Rd for example we love it on days 7-14 where as Black Sheep Blendcan handle even two weeks aging so day 16-17 can be prime. There are many factors that can alter this but your roaster should be able to talk confidently and knowledgeably about what those are and what that means for you cafe, based on what your customers want.

It’s not unlikely that great quality coffee is going to taste pretty fantastic right off the roast up until many weeks or possibly months later. However given all the chemical changes of coffee’s hygroscopic nature, degassing large levels of CO2 and a host of other variables there will be a peak point and your roaster should know this.


  • Vague Answers
  • Promising outrageous values (“oh, our coffee is always great!”)
  • Nieve about the freshness of coffee (“roast date??! nah, you don’t need that”)

Whether you’re just wanting to open a small little passion outlet or if you’re opening Adelaide’s best new cafe, make sure you’re coffee roaster is aligned to help you with your goals. Get in touch with us today to talk about yours.

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A Super Quick Morning Hack to Sell More Coffee

A Super Quick Morning Hack to Sell More Coffee

Tips to Sell More Coffee

This hack is so simple for cafe owners while guaranteeing your delicious coffee gets into the hands of a caffeine depraved soul near your cafe.

Finding tips to sell more coffee that don’t make your brand seem cheesy can be hard. That’s what makes this super simple morning hack so great. It requires almost no more extra effort than you’re currently doing and best of all, offers your prospective customer a very authentic and genuine experience of what you are.

Morning Hack to Sell More Coffee

Here’s the scene..

  • You’re in you cafe, making coffee and the next customer walks in to order theirs.
  • You take their order as per usual. Let’s, in this scenario, assume it’s a latte with two sugars.
  • You make their coffee and at the same time, make an EXTRA flat white, the same size as their coffee.
  • You hand them their latte with two sugars AND the flat white, explaining you “accidently made an extra flat what. Do you know anyone back in the office that would drink it?”
  • The customer takes both “Oh thanks, haha! Yeah I’m sure I’ll find someone who will”
  • ??
  • The colleague who your customer gave that flat white to absolutely loved it and comes in later in the week to tell you the funny story.
  • Repeat this as often as you feel like

Looking for more great tips? Keep reading here or better yet, have you got any great tips of your own? Message us on our socialmedia so we can pass along your great advice!

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The Best Coffee Blend for Creatives

The Best Coffee Blend for Creatives

One Trick Blend – For Creatives who Embrace the Spontaneous
One Trick Blend – For Creatives who Embrace the Spontaneous

Do you enjoy things being straight forward? Or prefer something that challenges you?

If you answered the latter, then it’s likely that One Trick Blend is for you. In fact, we reckon this tasty blend might be the very best coffee for creatives, period.

Starting your day off with a One Trick flat white or magicis going to be deliciously approachable, sweet and warming. It’s like a gentle nudge that the day is coming, and one trick is there to take your hand and let you know it’s with you all the way.

Switching up later in the day to a black coffee (be it long or short) those little pops of zesty, fruit driven sweetness are going to keep those creative neurons firing. We personally love a syrupy espresso of this deep in the afternoon. There’s such a great lingering flavour that gets your brain fully dancing about.

Though this blend isn’t for everyone. Detractors will say that it’s not bitter enough, or they want more cut-through with their milk. And that’s fine, we have some great options for them too. But we really think this is the best possibly coffee for creatives who embrace the spontaneous.

But if you’re a lover of bright coffees or coffee’s that challenge you we reckon this fine blend is definitely one to consider for your daily brew.

You’ll love this coffee if you enjoy

  • Riesling wine
  • Blood orange jam
  • Tangelos
  • Peach Cobbler
  • your creme brulee served with fresh fruit.

Give it a try

One Trick Blend - The Best Coffee for Creatives
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5 Elements When Choosing Your Cafe’s Daily Driver

5 Elements When Choosing Your Cafe’s Daily Driver

If you want to be serving the Best Coffee in Adelaide (or where ever you’re based), here are a few key factors to consider.

Your house blend is the heart of your coffee operation. If you want to be known to your customer as serving the best coffee in Adelaide (or where ever you’re based), giving a bit of thought to the following key elements is going to help you steer your brand straight towards your ideal customer.

It’s not about you, it’s about your customer.

Yes, you’re going to drinking your coffee every day, and yes you damn well want to enjoy it. However it’s your customers who are going to pay you for that privilege. They pay your rent, your wages and keep your lights on. So it’s so important that you factor them in above all else, even your own taste buds.

So who is your customer and what do they like?

When we ask this, we don’t mean who is each and every individual one of them. But more so, who represents them on the whole? Or failing that, who is the absolute ideal customer that you want to be serving day in and day out. Build your coffee program around them.

Are they more likely to order a gin & tonic at the bar, or a beer? Are they more keen on a pie & chips than a sit down meal at an expensive restaurant? Or are they going to seek out that new stall at the farmers markets because they’re the first to be making or serving a whole new style of cuisine? All of this will help you paint a picture for your ideal customer.

Special side note here; if there’s not enough if this hypothetical person you may need to shift to another hypothetical person, or broaden your scope depending on the type of market you exist in. But it’s important to be able to know who this customer avatar is and what they enjoy.

How many coffees a day will your ideal customer be drinking? How many coffees per visit will they be ordering?

Your cafe might be the sort of place that gets people their morning cuppa and sends them on their way. Or, it might be the sort of loungey space that encourages people to hang around and spend their whole afternoon in.

If your customer is likely to be only having one coffee in a day, it’s likely they want to feel like “they’ve had a (strong) coffee”. Lighter roast profiles might just not cut it. And the same can be said simple blends that don’t offer much depth of flavour. For this sort of customer you may want to consider a coffee blend that’s a bit heavier and rounded, with good depth and a lingering finish. They’ll feel like they’ve had their coffee and are all set to tackle the day ahead.

Conversely, if they’re likely to sit about you want to maximise the chances of selling them a second cup by offering a blend of coffee that’s not too heavy and finishes with a sweet finish. As they’re getting close to finishing this cup (but not quite done yet), a tactile question of “would you like another cup?” will result in an increase of up to 30% of extra sales.

lots of black coffees

Are you serving just one blend of coffee, or do you have other (coffee) options available?

Single origins, guest roasters, seasonal coffees or multiple blends? The more options you’re serving, the more niche you can be with your house blend. If it’s not the perfect solution for your customer that’s fine, you likely have something else up your sleeve.

If you’ve decided to serve just one blend of coffee then it’s even more important that it ticks more of the other boxes in this article.

Sure, that’s all great but what does your brand stand for?

Is your brand all about innovation and pushing boundaries? Or does it represent something classic, stable and consistent?

There a million different values that represent your brand and what you stand for. Leaning in on these values will make it easy to choose a blend or style of coffee that represents who you are and what you’re about.

There’s no one size fits all, and that precisely why each of our blends is distinct and there to serve a different area of the market. They’re all delicious in their own right, but it’s a case of finding the right kind of delicious for you and your brand.

Still not sure? Contact us for a chat and we can tailor a coffee program geared at driving more sales to your cafe while saving you money.

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Choosing the Right Coffee For Your French Press

Choosing the Right Coffee For Your French Press

French Press Plunger Coffee

Here’s a few of our thoughts to ensure you choose the right coffee for your brew.

Whether it’s a lazy Sunday brew or your daily morning wake-me-up, selecting the right coffee for your French Press / Plunger is critical to ensuring your day is heading in the right direction.

Single Origin or Blend?

If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like to think about their morning coffee, you love consistency and knowing what coming your way then it’s likely you’re going to want a coffee blend for your plunger.

Blends are designed to be balanced, complex and generally consistent. You put it in the brewer and “coffee” comes out. Great!

Single Origins however come from one particular farm (or region) and showcase a range of different flavours that coffee is capable of communicating. One coffee might taste like chocolate and the next like ripe bananas (yes, we’re not kidding). For those that love taking a journey and discovering new things along the way will likely love trying new single origins and taking note of the ones they nejoy more or less along the way.

Filter Roast (light) or Espresso (medium – heavy)?

Espresso roast for plunger?? Isn’t this a filtered style of coffee?

Well yes, it certainly is, however there are instances where someone might prefer a more developed roast of coffee for the French Press brew.

Filter Roasts are great for highlighting unique and nuanced flavours in the cup. If you’re looking for something that tastes distinct, fruit driven and/or unique then keep an eye out for filter or lighter roasted coffees.

Medium / Heavy Roasts are more developed and in this process typically a lot of the top notes (or acidity) can be muted. So if you’re looking for something rounded, smooth or full bodied then you’ll want a coffee with a further developed roast profile.

Also, if you’re going to add milk (or some kind of alt-milk) then definitely go for a medium roast (or further). It’ll offer much better cut through, and the somewhat muted acidity will likely be a win with the milk.

If you’re unsure, the best thing to do is simply ASK US. We love chatting all things coffee so reach out via socialsor drop us a line.

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