French Press Plunger Coffee

Here’s a few of our thoughts to ensure you choose the right coffee for your brew.

Whether it’s a lazy Sunday brew or your daily morning wake-me-up, selecting the right coffee for your French Press / Plunger is critical to ensuring your day is heading in the right direction.

Single Origin or Blend?

If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like to think about their morning coffee, you love consistency and knowing what coming your way then it’s likely you’re going to want a coffee blend for your plunger.

Blends are designed to be balanced, complex and generally consistent. You put it in the brewer and “coffee” comes out. Great!

Single Origins however come from one particular farm (or region) and showcase a range of different flavours that coffee is capable of communicating. One coffee might taste like chocolate and the next like ripe bananas (yes, we’re not kidding). For those that love taking a journey and discovering new things along the way will likely love trying new single origins and taking note of the ones they nejoy more or less along the way.

Filter Roast (light) or Espresso (medium – heavy)?

Espresso roast for plunger?? Isn’t this a filtered style of coffee?

Well yes, it certainly is, however there are instances where someone might prefer a more developed roast of coffee for the French Press brew.

Filter Roasts are great for highlighting unique and nuanced flavours in the cup. If you’re looking for something that tastes distinct, fruit driven and/or unique then keep an eye out for filter or lighter roasted coffees.

Medium / Heavy Roasts are more developed and in this process typically a lot of the top notes (or acidity) can be muted. So if you’re looking for something rounded, smooth or full bodied then you’ll want a coffee with a further developed roast profile.

Also, if you’re going to add milk (or some kind of alt-milk) then definitely go for a medium roast (or further). It’ll offer much better cut through, and the somewhat muted acidity will likely be a win with the milk.

If you’re unsure, the best thing to do is simply ASK US. We love chatting all things coffee so reach out via socialsor drop us a line.

September 21, 2023