SINGLE ORIGIN - Ethiopia Gargari (G1 Washed)



Tasting Notes:

Strawberry Jam, Cherry, Watermelon

Gargari Gutiti washing station is a cherry processing facility in Banko, Gedeb, which specialises in experimental processes for Primrose, a specialty coffee company and one of our producer partners in the region.

Spanning a remarkable topographic rollercoaster, the ECX Area of Yirgacheffe climbs from 1200 masl to 3200 masl with only 30km in between. This dramatic expanse in height has led to a bio-diverse environment – undoubtedly contributing to the cup profiles being so unique. The Yirgacheffe Area of Ethiopia is home to some well known washing stations, including Konga, Koke, Chelelektu, Aricha, Gersay, Idido, Kochere, Gutity, Worka and Chelba.

Additional Info Roast: Espresso or Filter Origin: Ethiopian Espresso Brew Recipe: 20g in / 44g out in 26 seconds Filter Ratio 5.6g / 100mls