SINGLE ORIGIN - Kenya Maguta Supernatural



Tasting Notes:

Orange, Red Grape, Lavender

The Supernatural process takes the traditional natural processing methods and varies up the drying stage in order to explore a bolder cup profile. Supernaturals tend to be super sweet, fruit-driven with low bitter or tannic aftertastes. They are bold, flavourful and adventurous. These characteristics are due to various drying techniques, including thick stack drying, covering the cherries in plastic wraps over night, and shade drying

The Maguta Coffee Estate, run by David Ngibuini, works across Nyeri and Embu counties in Central Kenya, and produces some of the most classically extraordinary Kenyan coffee you can access. The Murware Farmers who deliver their cherries to this Estate possess a team spirit and assist each other to maintain their farming standards. This group is a fast-growing cluster of farmers in the Muruguru area with a collective 18000 trees growing coffee cherries on red volcanic soils.

The Maguta Estate contains enough materials to process coffee to a high-quality that allows the producers and farmers to be paid a better income. It has 10 fermentation tanks, 3 shaded parabolic drying tables each with a 1-tonne capacity, an all concrete fermentation room, Brix meter, pH meter, and more to help improve the processing quality.

Additional Info Roast: Espresso or Filter Origin: Honduras Espresso Brew Recipe: 23g in / 44g out in 26 seconds Filter Ratio 5.6g / 100mls