The 3 Best Single Origin Coffees to Try When You’re Starting Out With Coffee

The 3 Best Single Origin Coffees to Try When You’re Starting Out With Coffee

Brazil – Natural Processed

Coffee’s from Brazil typically taste like “coffee”. Being used often as the base for a lot of blends, single origin Brazil’s are often familiar and not too out of field. Later though, we’ll have fun completely breaking this rule. They’ll go well enough if you’re adding a splash of oat milk, and will be a great starting point to develop a flavour memory bank. Think of them like a safe departure from the familiar and into the realm of wild and funky coffees.


Ethiopian – Washed

Ethiopian coffees can be so deliciously tea like. That’s because climate, region and processing methods all combine to create a delicately nuanced cup with light or mellow body. For those of you who are used to drinking heavy cups of coffee, fully washed Ethiopians will give you an entirely new expression of what coffee can be. This is expanded upon even further with Natural or dry processed Ethiopians.


Kenya – Washed

Here you’ll experience what a high acid coffee brings. Kenyan’s typically draw up a heap of phosphoric acid from the soil which presents as anything from cola or black currant through to a cabernet like acidity. And while poorly roasted Kenyan’s can come across sharp, properly developed Kenyan coffee will be bright, snappy and filled with life.


We’re just getting started here, and these are all wildly sweeping generalisations so don’t be surprised if you try a single origin and it tastes nothing like what you were expecting. That’s kind of the whole point 😉

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The Best Coffee Blend for Creatives

The Best Coffee Blend for Creatives

One Trick Blend – For Creatives who Embrace the Spontaneous
One Trick Blend – For Creatives who Embrace the Spontaneous

Do you enjoy things being straight forward? Or prefer something that challenges you?

If you answered the latter, then it’s likely that One Trick Blend is for you. In fact, we reckon this tasty blend might be the very best coffee for creatives, period.

Starting your day off with a One Trick flat white or magicis going to be deliciously approachable, sweet and warming. It’s like a gentle nudge that the day is coming, and one trick is there to take your hand and let you know it’s with you all the way.

Switching up later in the day to a black coffee (be it long or short) those little pops of zesty, fruit driven sweetness are going to keep those creative neurons firing. We personally love a syrupy espresso of this deep in the afternoon. There’s such a great lingering flavour that gets your brain fully dancing about.

Though this blend isn’t for everyone. Detractors will say that it’s not bitter enough, or they want more cut-through with their milk. And that’s fine, we have some great options for them too. But we really think this is the best possibly coffee for creatives who embrace the spontaneous.

But if you’re a lover of bright coffees or coffee’s that challenge you we reckon this fine blend is definitely one to consider for your daily brew.

You’ll love this coffee if you enjoy

  • Riesling wine
  • Blood orange jam
  • Tangelos
  • Peach Cobbler
  • your creme brulee served with fresh fruit.

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One Trick Blend - The Best Coffee for Creatives
September 21, 2023 — BLK MRKT COFFEE